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Welcome to Niantic River Watershed

Welcome to the Niantic River Watershed homepage! The Niantic River Watershed website offers updates on the progress of the implementation of the Niantic River Watershed Management Plan, ideas on what landowners can do on their own properties to help the Niantic River, news about the watershed, and upcoming events/meetings. Visit our Programs page for Go Natural for the Niantic, our newest program for home landscaping for water quality! If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute to the website, you can reach us at: (860) 887-4163 ext. 401 or The Niantic River Watershed Website is funded in part by the CT DEP through a US EPA Nonpoint Source grant under §319 of the Clean Water Act.

About Niantic River Watershed

    What is the Niantic River Watershed?   The Niantic River watershed is all the land that drains to the Niantic River.  Local water features such as Fairy Lake, Horse Pond, Barnes Reservoir, Bogue Brook Reservoir, Lake Konomac, Darrow Pond, Latimer Brook, Oil Mill Brook, Stony Brook as well as the Niantic River...

Our Services

  • Landscaping for Water Quality
  • Presentations
  • Monitoring
  • Education/Outreach