Small Farms Best Management Practices

The Niantic River Watershed Committee has received funding from the Dominion Foundation Environmental Stewardship grant program to assist the owners of small farms located in the Niantic watershed manage stormwater runoff from their farms.

Stormwater runoff can be detrimental to the environment when it carries excess amounts of sediments, fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides, manure and vehicular chemicals into nearby waterbodies.  NRWC, in partnership with the Eastern Connecticut Conservation District, the UConn Extension System and CT Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), will provide stormwater management reviews and technical assistance to help farm owners manage stormwater runoff on their farms.

This program is geared towards small farms that want to protect and enhance the environment through the application of farm best management practices.

This program will commence in early 2017. Please visit often as we  ramp up this project and add page content.

For additional information, please contact Watershed Coordinator Judy Rondeau at or 860-774-9600, ext. 13.