Niantic River Watershed Coordinator

The Niantic River Watershed Protection Plan (NRWPP) recommends that there be a continued support for a Watershed Coordinator position.  This position is dedicated to assisting the Watershed Board and Committees in implementing the Watershed Management Plan, including conducting the inter-jurisdictional coordination activities, grant-writing and evaluation of plan achievements.

Judy Rondeau is the current Niantic River Watershed Coordinator.  Judy has an M.Sc. in Natural Resource Management and has been the Natural Resource Specialist at the Eastern Connecticut Conservation District since 2010. Prior to that, Judy was an Environmental Educator for CT DEEP and the Wetland Enforcement Officer for the Town of Thompson.   You can contact Judy at 860-774-9600, ext. 13, or on the web at





The Niantic River Watershed programs and activities have been funded through a variety of sources, including CT DEEP through the US EPA Nonpoint Source grant program under §319 of the Clean Water Act, Dominion Foundation Environmental Stewardship Program, Environmental Professionals of Connecticut, Unilever, and Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut.