July 13, 2017


Join staff and volunteers at the Children’s Museum of Southeast Connecticut for hands-on sessions about water and our coastal communities. This program is a collaboration with Save Oswegatchie Hills Coalition founders and Niantic River Watershed Committee.

July 12 – Niantic River Watershed
What’s a watershed? Where does its water come from, and where does it go? How can we keep our streams, rivers and Long Island Sound waters clean, swimmable and home for aquatic life? Make it rain on farms, yards and streets of our EnviroScape®! See where you are on our big map of the Niantic River Watershed!

July 26 – Oswegatchie Hills Wetlands
What are wetlands? Who lives in them? Why do we need to protect them? Create a rainstorm on our wetlands EnviroScape® and see how wetlands help protect our rivers and streams from pollution. See what plants and animals depend on the wetlands in the Oswegatchie Hills. Plan your next trip to Oswegatchie Hills Nature Preserve in East Lyme!

August 9 – Long Island Sound & Beaches
How healthy is your favorite beach? Meet a local “Sound Sleuther” volunteer who is testing Niantic Bay. Use our EnviroScape® to learn about point and non-point source pollution and what you can do to protect our beaches. See the 2016 Long Island Sound Report Card!

For more details you can download this event flyer: CMSECT_WaterWed2017_8.5×11